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David Litzistorf will take part in the French championship “Sprint Cup By Funyo“, a sport-prototype category that runs on Formula […]

Make-A-Wish Switzerland has the good fortune to be supported by donors who are willing to go all out! We would […]

The Camaro Freaks fundraiser for Make-A-Wish was born from a bet between Swiss friends who are passionate about American cars. The […]

Wish Stories

Sam dreamed of driving a dream car

Sam is a young boy who is a big fan of supercars and in particular of Ferrari. It was therefore […]

Lucas dreamed of visiting the Rega Center

During his treatment, Lucas often saw Rega helicopters landing on the hospital roof. As time went on, Lucas looked forward […]

Tim dreamed of attending a Liverpool FC game

Tim is a good footballer and, before his illness, he loved playing with his friends in the international club that […]

Yasmine and Lilian dreamed of going on vacation in Ticino

Yasmine and Lilian both wished they could go on vacation with their families in Ticino. Their wish was granted during […]

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