Mattia wanted to attend a car race in Imola

Mattia has always been very close to his cousin. They grew up together and the bond between the two boys became even stronger when Mattia’s life was turned upside down by illness.

The two boys very quickly developed a common passion for cars. They both shared the same great dream, to be able to attend a race on the famous Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit, better known as the Imola circuit. During the month of May, Mattia, his cousin and his uncle went to Imola to attend the prestigious European Le Mans Series race. At Imola, they met up with a Make-A-Wish volunteer who was there for the event.

They met a driver involved in the race who took the time to give them a tour of his pit box, before introducing them to other drivers from an even larger team. The two boys looked over all the team’s cars, discussing the various technical aspects with the engineers. Mattia and his cousin also talked to the best driver, and then drove a real race car – taking all necessary safety measures!

A big surprise awaited Mattia before the start of the race series: he proudly held the green flag and started one of the series.

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