Davon dreamed to ride a motorbike with a real rider on a circuit

Davon is a 6 year old boy that our team met in February. When he is not at school, our little prince likes to play all sorts of games with his friends and his little sister. Davon also loves motorbikes, and particularly enjoys watching Grand Prix races on TV.

When we asked the young boy his fondest wish, he confided that he wanted to ride a motorbike with a real rider on a circuit. In June, Davon travelled to Tuscany with his parents and younger sister, as well as one of our Make-A-Wish volunteers to attend the big CIV (Campionato Italiano Velocità – Italian Speed Championship) motorbike race at the famous Mugello circuit. When he arrived at the circuit, our young boy was received like a real driver and had the chance to visit all the paddocks, try on the real racing jackets, but above all the privilege of riding on several racing bikes – for safety reasons – that were stopped.

After that, Davon was able to get as close to the circuit as possible to watch the bikes compete and hear their engines roar at every pass. After an emotional stay, our dear Davon returned home with the hum of the bikes still in his ears and the images of the bikes speeding past him.

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