Keliana – Disneyland Paris

” It was beautiful, fantastic and an unforgettable experience.

Keliana was so excited as we approached the park, she couldn’t stand still, she even asked her mum if she was allowed to scream because she was so happy!The whole family really enjoyed this stay, from the youngest to the oldest. It was a weekend full of emotions, it’s incredible the energy of Keliana, she was tireless, we all had to follow her rhythm.

We made the most of every moment, we did so many attractions and attended the shows that we didn’t even notice the hours passing. It was full of emotions!

Keliana was very happy to see all the princesses, she asked each of them to write her a little note in her dedication book, she keeps it preciously. In fact, even Keliana’s 12 years old sister cried with joy when she met her favourite princess. Everything was magical, we came back with a lot of energy and nice memories that will stay with us for a long time.

Keliana will certainly have fond memories of her stay at Disneyland Paris. Thank you so much for everything and for the chance you gave us! “

Keliana’s Mother, April 2023

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