Mical – Sleep in a camper van

The story of Mical 💫

Mical’s wish to sleep in a camper van came to her while watching her favourite cartoon in which the little characters went away for the weekend in a camper van. Our young princess dreamt of sleeping in a house on wheels, but also of eating in it, showering in it and even having fun in it with her parents… and it was great fun for her to imagine herself doing everyday things in a van.

Mical enjoyed the trip from her home in Basel to the lovely campsite in Ticino. For this little girl, who doesn’t like much the noise and the crowd, Campo Bello was the perfect place to spend a few days with her family in the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Between the short walks around the campsite and the cool water in the pool, she loved this wonderful break.

For Mical, who had already done some camping, sleeping in a camper van in the middle of nature, far from the hustle and the bustle of the city, yet with enough space for family intimacy, was a wonderful experience.

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