Lucas – visit the Rega Centre

During his treatment, Lucas often watched the Rega helicopter land on the hospital roof, without really understanding what was going on. This dream never left Lucas. When the Make-A-Wish Switzerland volunteer team met him, he immediately confided that his greatest wish was to visit a Rega centre. A magical visit that took place during the spring, Sam, his big sister, dad and mum were also present.

It all started when Lucas and his family took the train to the huge Zurich airport. Alexia, a MAW volunteer, was waiting to welcome them and accompany them on their big day. Every nook and cranny of the Rega base was visited by Lucas and his family. A Rega hospital plane was also parked and Lucas was able to get on it and talk to a mechanic. After so much excitement, a restaurant was waiting for them, where they could all watch the planes before going home.

A few days later, as the weather improved, Lucas had an appointment with Raphael, the helicopter pilot. He took Lucas on a helicopter ride from the field next to his house to the top of Lucerne and then on to the 4 Cantons lake and the Schwitz area. Lucas was speechless, filled with 1001 emotions and amazed by the beauty of all these landscapes, each one more beautiful than the next.

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